Paveikslas | Aliejinė tapyba | Giliai viduje

800,00 €

Aliejus, drobė

Dydis: 60x80 cm

Dievas neturi veidų. Jis turi spalvas ir formas. Dievas yra meilė. Spalvinga meilė.

DEEP INSIDE - it’s a series of artworks about God/Universe, about love, about trust, about deep gratitude. God is inside us and we are totally in endless him (Universe). And God is love. And everything I create - I create with big love inside and gratitude, sometimes it seems to me that this is the least I can do for him, because I feel his support every day. The war intensified these feelings and my artworks in Lithuania became more sensitive and stronger in color. I don't go to church, I don't feel the need to. Daily work and internal dialogue with him in the studio is enough for me. I like to spend a lot of time in the studio because paintings are a connection with home, more precisely, when I create, I feel as if I am at home, because in fact, in Lithuania, I continued to do what I did in Kyiv - to create.



I am Larissa Uvarova, Ukrainian artist living and working in Lithuania now (Vilnius city). I like to create on a medium and large canvases, mainly 120x120 cm, 100x120 cm, 200x150 cm, etc. I work with oil on canvas, layer by layer, until I achieve a complex color that sounds and feels like movement, how the Universe moves and vibrates. 

Color is the first thing that attracts attention in the artwork, so I'm in love with color and simple forms and that's what I'm interested in now. I'm trying to achieve a complex and simple color at the same time. For me, as an artist, the task is not just to create a picture. I create a visual artwork that would feel the sound and melody, which would take you to another reality and sensations. How does music, book, film, etc. I want the viewer to be detached from the reality and to be lifted up to the another reality for some short time, to another world - love, tranquility, harmony, to God/Universe. I consider the artwork finished when looking at it I hear a melody. Paints begin to sound through a multi-layer overlay of colors. And the painting itself begins to move. If you look at it for a long time, this effect is felt.

Paveikslas | Aliejinė tapyba | Giliai viduje

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