• Artworks in interior

    Advices about artworks in interior from Linas Podiriaka.

    Linas is deaf professional artist, painter. 

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  • "City vibrations" - second united exhibition

    Second united artists exhibition - "City vibrations" is taking place in fancy, new business centre K29 (Konstitucijos pr. 29, Vilnius)! Wellcome to visit untill October 18th! 

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  • Reverberation of the Summer

    PRE-INTRODUCTION. PC thinks that it is a crisis… writing crisis (It includes not Only ART blogging, but everything, unfortunately). Yesterday PC opened new art season for him, maybe, it will wake him up! :) 

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  • OnlyArt : pirmoji (OnlyArt : first)

    First united artists exhibition in very interesting place - technical museum (Rinktinės st. 2, Vilnius)! From 4 till 22 of August!

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