Keramika | Maža skulptūra | Naminukas (PARDUOTA)

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Baltas molis, poglazūriniai dažai, glazūros Dydis: 8x4,5x6,5 cm 2020
Nėra sandėlyje
Neringa Akcijonaityte | As long as I remember I was always doing something creative, making hand crafts. After high school I chose to specialise in ceramics. Even with this decision I still worked with different medias. When I was a teen I found love for theatre and acting. Because of that, when I was studying masters I also worked in proffesional theatre for a year, doing props, costumes, decorations and scenography. And I am still acting in ammature theatre. I love participating in group exhibitions. And in 2017 I did personal ceramics exhibition „Bestiarium“. I work in all kinds of art medias. I like to do creatures, monsters and wild nature themes. ------------------------------------------------------------ Keramika | Maža skulptūra | Naminukas | Menas iš Lietuvos
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