Keramika | Taškiukais išraižytas puodelis | Apversto varpo forma

45,00 €

Rudas molis, glazūros. Negalima plauti indaplovėje. 

4 taplos pasirinkimo variantai - PASIRINKITE PASIRINIMŲ SKILTYJE!

150 ml 
200 ml 
300 ml 
400 ml 

Komplektą sudaro puodelis ir lėkštutė. Kiekvinas komplekatas gaminamas individualiai, todėl dydis ir forma gali šiek tiek skirtis. 

LIPDOMA TIK PAGAL UŽSAKYMĄ (pagaminimo trukmė: 1-2 sav.)


About Domantė Olekaitė | People who get to know me first through my ceramics are quite surprised to learn that I'm actually an IT engineer. I graduated from school as a humanitarian student but made a U turn into computer science specialty. Growing as an IT specialist it was when I started feeling an urge to counterbalance it with my artistic side and find an equilibrium, because I've always felt I am two-fold, reasonable but at the same time illogical, meticulous but also hopelessly absent-minded. Ceramics is my current passion. While I first got acquainted with clay back in primary school, it was only over a decade later that I found myself fully and consciously enjoying it. So now when I'm finished testing user inter-faces, I happily switch to molding troll faces.

Keramika | Taškiukais išraižytas puodelis | Apversto varpo forma | Menas iš Lietuvos 

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