Keramika | Menininkas su negalia | Angelai

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Molis, glazūros Dydis: H 17 cm 2 vnt 2016
About Boris Chudinskij written by Grazina SIDEREVICIENE" “Boris from childhood is weak eyed. Graduated in Moscow Folk Art University and acquired the fine arts specialty. Boris - is interested in various forms of visual art. In childhood began to study painting from the famous artist Anatoly Stisko, later became fascinated by machinery and metal processing. After a long way of searching, found him very close to ceramics. His first works were recognized in 1987 Kaunas art work manufacturing factory "Art" Arts Council. Clay is not his only passion; he is fascinated by tree carving too.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Regėjimo negalią turinčio Boriso sukurti unikalūs angeliukai | Menas iš Lietuvos
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