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Ceramic | Vintage lady smoking a cigarette inspired by Rene Magritte (SOLD)

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Domante Olekaite-Vaiciene
Made from clay, glazed in different colours, inside glaze is food safe
Size: 15 cm, 6 in tall


About Domantė Olekaitė-Vaičienė: "People who get to know me first through my ceramics are quite surprised to learn that I'm actually an IT engineer. I graduated from school as a humanitarian student but made a U turn into computer science speciality. Growing as an IT specialist it was when I started feeling an urge to counterbalance it with my artistic side and find an equilibrium, because I've always felt I am two-fold, reasonable but at the same time illogical, meticulous but also hopelessly absent-minded. Ceramics is my current passion. While I first got acquainted with clay back in primary school, it was only over a decade later that I found myself fully and consciously enjoying it. So now when I'm finished testing user inter-faces, I happily switch to moulding troll faces." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ceramic blue box container with lady smoking cigarette for gift | Artwork from Lithuania

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Size Small (up to 50 cm)
Subject People, Portraits

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