Paveikslas | Aliejinė tapyba | Trakų Vokės Koplyčia

157,00 €

Aliejus, drobė

Dydis: 40x50 cm



Egle Selevi – “I started to draw at my teen’s age, when I begin to study art in Vilnius J. Vienozinskis art school. Although from beginning art was my passion, but after graduating school I chose to study civil engineering in Vilnius Gedimino technical University. But passion for art never dies..., so after graduating University I went back to art creation. All impressions, thoughts, natural beauty and surroundings, makes me think about paintings and how to express everything that is my mind and heart. From 2010 I fascinated to paint on silk, especially roses. So now, I express myself in both ways – painting on canvas and silk.”

Paveikslas | Aliejinė tapyba | Trakų Vokės Koplyčia | Menas iš Lietuvos 

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