Paveikslas | Primityvizmas | Mažasis princas

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Akrilas, kartonas Dydis: 70x94 cm 2015
Anna Dan passion for painting arose from the inspiration of the early XX-century Silver Age artists. Having started with no professional background, Anna developed her inimitable style based on pure emotion, intuition and poetic attitude to life, which soon became recognized among her friends - professionals. From the year 2010 Anna participated in several plain-airs and exhibitions in Lithuania and executed private orders. With her unquenchable energy and diligence, Anna works in different techniques from classic oil, pastel and acrylic to Sumi-e, painting on silk and fresco. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Primityvus paveikslas su Mažojo Princo motyvu | Paveikslas iš Lietuvos
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