Atvirlaiškis | Atvirukas | Nakties ramybė

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Dydis: 10x15 cm



Aurelija Filipauskyte | It’s very difficult to describe such a simple thing as hunger for creation felt by every artist ... I think that creation is an expression of feelings. World observation and understanding outcome, wishes to express your own world interpretation through creativity prism. This is artist's everyday life and direct work. It gives food for thoughts, stimulates imagination, asking riddles, what makes you want to look for answers. And everything else is just work process. Without work even biggest inspiration would be pointless. After all, inspiration is only impulse that must evolve into a final result. I want what people find something close to their thoughts and inner world by looking at my art works. I want what audiences feel like a fellow in journey through this colorful maze. After all, it’s big pleasure to realize that someone sees the world the same way as you, right?

Atvirukai | Atvirukų parduotuvė | Menas iš Lietuvos | Nakties ramybė

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