Fotografija | Kalvos viršūnėje

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Fotografija Fine Art class giclée RIBOTO tiražo spauda 1/25 Size: 30x45 cm 2020
Ruta UM | when I was 13 years old, my mum gave my best present I ever got – t-shirts from second hand shop with Vincent van Gogh “Sunflowers” print on it. From that moment I realized that art is something more than just painting, or music is something more than song – it has something BIG inside that everyone feels or is touched by their one way. I still feel big love for Vincent van Gogh art and even can say that he is my favorite artist. I started to paint then I was a child, in 2012 I graduated Vilnius J. Vienozinskis art school. Now my passion is land art and portraits painting. --------------------------------------------- Fotografija | Kalvos viršūnėje | Neringa | Menas iš Lietuvos | Vacekrugo kopa
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