Paveikslas | Aliejinė tapyba | Mūza

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Aliejus, drobė

Dydis:79x98 cm



Painter, photo artist, poet, kite master. The member of Lithuanian Photo Artists Union since 1998. 2000 show “Cultural Shock. Supervision”, Lithuania. In 2002, got an award of LATGA A in a category of photography as an artist whose art works are mostly used in Lithuania and abroad. Since 1999 takes part in Užupis Republic cultural – artistic activity, shows, exhibitions, international projects. 2004-2005 project “Signs of the Time”, Sweden. 2005-2007 “Užupis photo workshop portraits”. 2000-2017 takes part in organizing events on Užupis Independence Day 2005-2012 idea´s author of the sense festival “What Are You Doing Now? ”. Since 2007 works in the NGO “UMI” as head of creative projects. 2006-2019 project “Vertikalės” Užupis, Lithuania, Norway, Maroco, Sweden, Turkey, Finland, Georgia. 2007 project “Shining Vilnelė”, Vilnius LUX . 2008 international project “Alaverdi”. Lithuania, Georgia, Užupis. 2010-2011 modern art festival ARTISERIUM, Tbilisi, Georgia. 2010-2012 “Gis Galasi”, Baku, Azerbaijan. 2012 photo festival Dol de Bretane, France. 2013 “The Winds of Europe” whit Denmark and Finland artist. 2013 art network Uzupis-Christiania-Hirvitalo 2012-2019 kites and flags projects in Lithuania, Denmark, Latvia, Georgia, Norway, Finland, Spain and Senegal, India. 2014 m. Biennial \\"DAK-ART\\", Dakar, Senegal. 2016-2019 paintings - flags 40-60 square meters painted in art festival in Žemaitkiemis manor. 2016 Exhibition “Republic of Užupis. Begin. End. Start? ”UMI Galera 2017 Organizes the first international kite festival in Baku. Azerbaijan. 2018 Painting exhibition "Angel from the Kindergarten" Galery Tadzio, Kiev, Ukraine. 2019 Painting exhibition "Soul Travel" K-29 Vilnius 2019 Painting exhibition “Archangels” Church of St. Francis and St. Bernard. Vilnius. 2019 Art symposium Arteli Racha. Georgia. 2019 Art residence Gaarden, Kiel. Germany. More than 55 personal photography and painting exhibitions in Lithuania and in the World.

Paveikslas | Aliejinė tapyba | Mūza | Menas iš Lietuvos 

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