Paveikslas | Aliejinė tapyba | Vyšnios

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Aliejus, drobė

Dydis: 90x110 cm



Painter Arturas Braziunas (b. 1970 in Vilnius). He took to painting art world consistently and purposefully. He studied at the Vilnius M. K. Ciurlionis art school and after studied painting at the Vilnius Academy of Arts for six years.

Arturas Braziunas has organized over 20 solo exhibitions. His works are exhibited in more than 20 group exhibitions in Lithuania, Poland, USA. The artist presented his canvases for the selective exhibitions and competitions in Lithuania, Macedonia, and other European countries and the United States. The painter's works can be seen in Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Finland, Estonia, Australia, United States and other countries people in private collections. Currently the artist lives and works in Vilnius.

Painter Arturas Braziunas can be attributed to the XX century end - XXI century neo modernism-romantics - those who continue and develop XX century early modernists and Lithuanian colorist painting traditions. He purposefully delves into color formal and conceptual possibilities of expression.

Paveikslas | Aliejinė tapyba | Vyšnios | Menas iš Lietuvos 

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