Paveikslas | Akrilinė tapyba | Šeštas jausmas

321,00 €

Akrilas, drobė

Dydis: 50x70 cm



Egle Stripeikiene | I am Egle, a freelance graphic designer. I’ve been attracted to art and creativity since childhood. It gives me much joy and meaning. Nature and silence are my inspiration. My background is Vilnius Academy of Art and 18 years of graphic design work. Photography, painting sewing, batik also are favorite occupations for me. Mandala is my old and dear love. I started drawing mandalas spontaneously more than ten years ago. I continue doing it with big love and passion even until now. I live and work in Lithuania, with my husband, son and a playful young German shepherd dog in a suburb of a capital city Vilnius. 

Paveikslas | Akrilinė tapyba | Šeštas jausmas | Menas iš Lietuvos 

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