Linas Podiriaka - artist, painter, master of Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. He is interested in different kind of arts, not only  in paintings. With installation "Field on silence" Linas proves that deafness is not a barrier to hear world's colors and forms, and to express them in his own language. If necessary - rap out.

Installation "Field of silence" has 3 parts - "Hello!", "Lamp porridge" and "Silence conversations".

"Hello" - here Linas uses uses Soviet-era phone handsets with cutted wire spirals. Handset with hanging cutted spirals is allusion to broken ear nerve connection to the brain. Handsets without phones hanging in white background, mortal silence space. All handsets are in different color - from white to black, this points out about different sound tones (pi pi pi). Handsets are dead, without power, like Linas hearing nerve. 

Linas says: " And now I often feel in my hands old handset, which reminds me of childhood. In corridor, next to the mirror stood bright white and semi gray home phone with the scroll wheel on which handset was laying. I looked at myself in the mirror and transform into not deaf person and took phone handset saying "Hello!" From phone handset I feel different sound rhythm, witch matched with my heartbeat. People around me were saying "Pi pi pi pi .. ", but I didn't understand them. But it feels like these sounds massage my hearing nerve. In the morning when I wake up, nothing disturbed me, my parents makes a lot of noise, but I hear nothing, I live in silence and peace. That sound from old phones always made my happy, then someone come to visit us, usually I took phone handset and pretend I can hear everything. Our neighbor pharmacists phone was with button keypad, and it seemed to me very nice. I always grabbed the phone, and neighber laughed, because she understood that I wanted to hear a different sound, because this handset signal was much milder. Different sound tones were different on each phone and I feel them with my hearing nerve.

From these memories first idea of my installation was born. It was exhibited at students exhibition in Rokiškis, Lithuania. With this istallation I step out from just painting plane and realised that I need more space to express my ideas. Specific thing with no functional value, has become a symbol of my childhood memories of deafness.

"Lamp porridge" - broken light bulbs, which are real, but burnt-out, porridge. In this work Linas wanted to show that the bulbs has not been intentionally damage - it's like a match with his hearing too - he couldn't demage hearing by himself. It's impossible to restore burnt-out light bulbs, the same like deafness. 

Linas - "When I was little, my father was fixing lamp. I picked up a light bulb, which fell out from hand, but didn't break, but tungsten filament discontinue. I didn't understand why it's not flashing? Father explained to me. And now, remembering that light bulb, I imagine myself as if I were that lamp vacuum - lived in glass enclosure, silence without light.

 "Silence conversations" - here Linas want to show silent, inaudible sound games - correspondence with teacher, friendss, other people.

Linas: "Over long time I save piles of notebooks, papers, where I "spoke" with people. Many of these papers was thrown away. Suddenly I realised that these papers is my life signs, like and other deaf people. I wanted to hang in space all papers and texts. I was surrounded by the sounds and words tornadoes. In everyday life I see sounds and written words. Letters and notes it's how I interact with other people. I made cloud interlock from papers in my studio on a white wall. Notes are in various colors: faded, yellowish, gray - only specific words in them. They are my conversations about work and life.

Text prepared by: Linas Podiriaka

Translated into english: Ruta Udraite-Mikalauskiene

Curator: Ruta Udraite-Mikalauskiene