Keramika | Angelas | Mėlyna rožė su vaza

125,00 €
Aukštos temperatūros molis, glazūra Dydis: h 42, vazos - 13 cm
Lina Kalytienė | Born in 1975-10-11, in Lithuania. I am felt maker, designer. However now I am fascinated by clay and molding. I used to work in a ceramics workshop and I watched clay turn into a variety of vases, plates and other items. Few years ago I have discovered possibilities of pottery and now I creating clay arts and crafts. Most of all I love to create angels and sculptures. We all must have our own guardian angel and I wish you to find one for yourself. ------------------------------------------------- Keramika | Angelas | Mėlyna rožė su vaza | Menas iš Lietuvos
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